The Team

A Brief Introduction

We are TEAM152 – a team with diverse backgrounds in music composition, arrangement and production. Our goal is to create excellent custom-made music for all types of media.

Clarissa Chai

Music Producer, Mix Engineer, Composer, Lyricist (English)
First runner-up in the 2017 Korea Media Music Festival (KMMFs), Clarissa obtained her Masters in Music Composition before completing a course in film music. Prior to her move to South Korea, she graduated with a degree in pop vocals from New Zealand. Her background has given her a great mix of experience in songwriting, arrangement, and music production.

Yohan Noh

Composer, Lyricist (Korean), Pianist
A classical piano graduate from South Korea, Yohan’s passion in film and pop music led him to pursue music composition and songwriting as a career. His brilliant melody lines and storytelling stand out, as proven by his multiple selections as a finalist in creative support projects on the popular creators’ website Grafolio.

Yipeul Lim

Composer, Lyricist (Korean), Arranger
Yipeul’s solid background in classical music composition shows through her masterful usage of complex harmonies and signature “fantasy” sound. She is also known for her minimalist style in instrumentation, which blends perfectly into a visual medium. Her sense of timing and subtlety plays a crucial part in our BGM works.

Jiyeon Kim

Pianist, Composer, Lyricist (Korean)
Jiyeon is an accomplished classical pianist currently active with various musical acts, including Jieum duo and JJmelody. She obtained a deep understanding of both Western classical and Korean traditional music throughout her studies, and her Masters research on the subject of film music sparked her passion as a content creator. Equipped with her diverse background in music, Jiyeon intends to continually seek her own unique sound, as her ongoing mission.

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